Analytics Approach

The Big data Puzzle

There is a lot of noise and traction about big data analytics. While the systems, processes & technologies around big data have become buzzwords, enterprises & consumers are going to be on discovery path to find meaning & relevance of big data in their lives. Does it help me make better decisions? Does it help me optimize my resources?Does it improve my standard of living? Does it help me become more profitable?


The big data space analytics is evolving, as all the three aspects of big data – volume, velocity & variety are getting more complex by the data.Who would have imagined 10 years back, terabytes of tweets or petabytes of sales transaction data will become available for analysis.

But the fundamental question remains – how do I put all this data to use? It is indeed like shooting a moving object from a rotating disk.

Value Extraction

Within the enterprise, the crux of the big data analytics lies in how we are able to extract value for the stakeholders involved. Value Extraction through big data analytics requires capability across four key dimensions:


For an enterprise, the value extraction from Big data will play a crucial role in decision points. Decisions right from top management, to functions, business units and many times at a consumer/customer level has multiple decision points. Leveraging the four engines for value extractions around the key decision points, be it strategic decisions at top management level or everyday decisions like the right assortment to sell at a specific store for a junior sales executive, will enable the organization to extract maximum value from Big data.

Decision Point’s Capability

DP has extracted value from big data across industries & business functionsthrough its analytics solutions – be it trade spend optimization through a analytics centre of excellence,pricing simulation & what if scenario planning to manage prices of over 100+ SKUs, forecasting models for commercial planning or applied economic modelling to develop market potential index for long term business planning.

Unique advantages of DP:

  • Experienced working with large multinational fortune 500 companies delivering value extraction across a variety of analytics engagements.
  • Cross functional expertise leveraging analytics across marketing, sales, finance,operations, merchandising& supply chain
  • Unique data capabilities to integrate “Diverse data sources” across functions & domains to solve business problems
  • Young Team with strong experience in sophisticated analytics methodologies, technologies and robust domain expertise