Analytics 3.0 – Integrating multiple sources of data is the next big thing!

December 24th, 2013   •   Big Data   •   No Comments   

Thomas Davenport is a highly respected author on analytics. And he’s written a fabulous piece  on the evolution of the analytics industry over the last decade and in our opinion rightly identifies the current state of the industry and how.

Amongst his very informative examples of analytics application in today’s world, Thomas also makes some very interesting points on the requirements for organizations to capture maximum value from analytics. And top of the list, is the point that to leverage analytics effectively today, organizations need to combine multiple types of data across both internal & external sources.

Based on our past experience of delivering analytics solutions, we couldn’t agree less. It’s in fact one of the core pillars of our analytics offerings – our ability to integrate diverse sources of data across functions in the context of the stakeholder’s decision point. Today, organizations have so much data, and majority of which, they don’t realize the potential the data has to enhance their decision quality and thereby saving or earning millions of dollars without any major incremental investment!

However, the challenge remains, the organization’s capability to develop the multi-dimensional capabilities required to integrate the data sources and extract value out of them. Precisely where analytics partners like Decision Point can help!


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