Why Decision Point matters?

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When we started our company, there was a lot of curiosity from our friends and some of our clients on why we chose to name our analytics company as Decision Point. Well, let us clarify.

There is a lot of misconception within the general client fraternity & in-fact amongst many within the analytics industry  that, at the core of what an analytics firm does, it’s all statistics, number crunching and geeky mathematicians coding away (or chalking away) solution after solution. Well, the reality is quite far from that.

While no doubt, mathematics & geeks (hey ya!), are integral to delivering many a great analytics solutions – is that at the core of what creates value from analytics? Perhaps not completely. We believe that analytics will add maximum value if we start the process from the client’s decision point – what decision does the business stakeholder ultimately has to take based on our analytics solution. How can we use our analytics capabilities to extract maximum value from the terabytes of data that businesses today have for enabling a more effective decision, every single time?  Focusing on the decision point helps us prioritize the right kind of capabilities and solutions to add maximum value for our clients.

Our analytics approach at Decision Point stems from this philosophy – first identify the client’s decision point and work backwards from there on how to extract the maximum value from the client’s data assets leveraging our capabilities for value extraction 

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