The domain context is a major factor to be considered while leveraging analytics to extract value from big data. The business problems, the analytics framework & application of analytics vary according to the industry, function or business scenario.


Decision Point has experience working across a wide range of business domains, where we have integrated different data sources to solve for a variety of business problems.

Applied Economic Analytics

Leveraging external sources of economic, social & demographic data to solve strategic business problems

Sales & Marketing Analytics

Capture maximum value from consumer, customer& the sales infrastructure by integrating data sources across the entire sales & marketing value chain

Pricing & Revenue Analytics

Analytics solutions for intelligent pricing decisions to maximize profits and extract maximum value from the market & consumer demand

Retail Analytics

Analytics applications across every facet of retail operations ranging from assortment optimization to promotion/discount strategies to customer loyalty analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Solving the most challenging supply chain problems across on-shelf availability, inventory management etc. for consumer product firms & retailers.