Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain management is the most complex & resource intensive task for retailers & consumer product firms. There isan abundance of examples of companies managing massive savings by optimizing the supply chain process and in many instances, effective supply chain strategies provides a unique & sustainable competitive advantage for firms.


However, the complexity of supply chain data is massive and there are multiple stakeholders within the supply chain decision hierarchy at various levels (Plant/Factory)/ (Depot/Distribution Center) (Distributor/Stockist) (Retailer/Store location)

With the advent of robust IT systems to manage the end to end supply chain process for most firms, leveraging the terabytes of data that is being generated as a part of this system for better planning & optimization of the supply chain has the potential to yield game changing impact on the organization. Some of the key areas of supply chain analytics are the following:

  • On Shelf Availability Analytics
  • Distribution network planning
  • Inventory Planning & Forecasting