Decision Point has developed multiple unique and proprietary analytics platforms that have the potential to transform how analytics is consumed and leveraged by organizations. Two of our flagship platforms are custARD and beagle. CustARD (Customer Analytics Response Dashboard) is a tool that can transform customer sales analytics in fragmented or traditional channels – through real time analytics of integrated outlet level data. Beagle is an AI powered analytics chatbot that acts as an personal data analyst to business managers – helping deliver instant insights!

CustARD - Unlocking The Value of Store Analytics

Unlocking the value of store analytics. It is much more than just tracking sales force execution. Whilst you are overloaded tasks, there is a deficiency of right tools which has built in intelligence.

Beagle - A personal data analyst for every business leader

An AI powered analytics bot is designed specifically with manager’s daily needs in mind. It is capable of providing instant business insights.

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