Benefits of Working at DP


You will be developed as a Subject Matter Expert in your respective domain such as FMCG sales & marketing analytics, Social Media marketing Analytics etc.


You get to work with high quality team (IITs/DU) with multiple colleagues with significant years of experience in the analytics space and advanced analytics.


A fast-track career growth. We don’t believe working ‘for’, we believe in working ‘with’. We value experience in years that goes beyond years of experience. We are the place for people who love challenges and who want to push their limits.


Technology Exposure like nowhere else. We unapologetically boast of having the one of best technology teams ever. Here, you are exposed to a huge variety of tools and techniques of building data intensive applications of all types


Global exposure – At Decision point, we don’t limit client exposure to a few. You get to interact with clients directly without the hustle of hierarchies. This enables you fasten your learning process and master the traits of strategy


Work-life balance. We don’t just say it, we practise it. We believe in results over hours. Our work environment is very flexible, and we understand your work life balance. We take off to mountains or beaches to recoup at least.


Learn the traits of entrepreneurship from one another. We are a team of intrapreneurs. Every individual that adds in our team is an asset. We work together to build something that makes a dent in the world.


Learn from experts – Knowledge-sharing from some of the best tech leaders in the industry.


We have a Young and dynamic culture. There is a lot of energy flowing all the time. We believe in working hard and partying harder. 

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